Blogging the Hard Way



Yep, that’s me!   Jump right in and start.  Hit the skids.  Start again.  How else does one learn?

If I was like every other Midwest conservative I know, I’d do research for years, then pay for courses, then Q and A for another few years, then watch every word spelt rong and hope to god I don’t offend anyone, ponder for months, wonder if I offended someone, then quit.

A great portion of doing this for me is breaking free of crushing moral constraints such as “you musn’t, what will they think of you? where do you come up with such shit? Fringe”  and “you are crazy.”  Thank you.  That is a compliment. One reason no family member will know about this one.

Since recently discovering the  Art of Blogging  I feel lucky to have found them.   I have a few good traits like enjoying writing,  I like people, and like sharing ideas, so will write until I don’t want to write anymore.   It is only one method of communication.   Music is another.  The spoken word, unless it is someone extremely gifted, is often obscured, offering good reason for social veneer rather than deep seated thought better expressed in verse.

Meanwhile, keep writing because I really enjoy reading yours as much as my own.   Certain words grab and others let go.   That is how we know each other.

Thank you for being there.




Photo by Judy


4 thoughts on “Blogging the Hard Way

  1. July,
    Relatively few actually apply themselves to writing in any serious, consistent way. You’ve gained many followers already for someone who’s just started a blog, which is an excellent sign. Your posts are thoughtful and prod readers to answer serious questions about themselves.

    Keep up the good work.


    Mike Campbell
    Jacksonville, FL

    Liked by 1 person

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