All writing, ideas, artwork and photos are my own, and original, or credited at the bottom of page.

Much of this content is compiled from universes of experience.    I played long and hard, was the best and won it all.   Then lost it all.  More than a few times. Figured things out.  Met some good folks.  Woke up. Words arrived in verse.  I had to run and write them down.  Then a novelette.  And another.  And thousands of words of poetry, most based upon observation and imagination, as well as a bit of insight.  Life energy returned,  I opened up a European coffee house for artists and musicians that became very popular, another business from home making boat covers, remarried, retired last year and now’s time.

Word has it that blogs should have a niche market, so if this one has any, it would be called “life”.  I write about everything.

Your comments are welcome.   They keep me in line so I know where the boundaries are, and can step out of them.





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